We focus on creating beauty for you by artistically selecting the perfect color combinations of mat and frame to meet your taste and budget!

We’ll take special care to turning your favorite art pieces or family heirlooms and photos into a display that you can be proud of.  We love what we do and enjoy helping you select what you need and then delivering it to your satisfaction!  Meet our master framer, Karen Gaeddert, or spend time with artists Lesa Michel and Bridget Shaw who can help select the look you want.  

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Get a second acid-free mat of your color choice on your next frame order.

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Meet our master framer, Karen Gaeddert.  She has been with us for over four years, and during that time she has framed over 12,000 pieces of artwork!  She has also created over fifty shadow boxes, which house those special heirlooms and treasures for our customers!  Also, Lesa Michel and Bridget Shaw are artists who are available to select the perfect mat color combination and frame choices to meet your taste and budget desires!
Our framing supplier, Larson-Juhl provides a broad range of high quality framing stock. We also easily manage large commercial framing jobs for several local businesses, from diners to castles! Please allow us to create your memories and help you to decorate your home to  to meet your unique needs.

Drop in for a visit or give us a call with your framing needs.


How to Select the Perfect Frame for Your Artwork

Picture framing can make or break any piece of art. Inexpensive art can be made to look like a million dollars, while a high end original may be left cold and uninteresting. Good frame design should enhance and protect the art.  With the right choice of frame and mats, a viewer’s eye is invited to roam around within the borders of the frame, not catching or stopping due to “sharpness” in the contrast.  In other words, your eye should flow through the piece and not notice a discord in color or contrast from the frame, mat to the artwork.

The perfect frame is one that does not take attention away from the artwork, while fitting into your budget and home decor. Custom frames are like fine furniture for your art. Asking for frames that come in a variety of price points, can help you determine which frame is one that you will cherish and feel good about whenever you look at the piece.  Frames can range from beautiful water gilded and hand-carved moldings to veneer covered reconstituted wood.  The bottom line is that the quality and craftsmanship of how the frame is assembled is just as important as the quality of the wood.  So working with a frame shop that has a perfectionist eye will ensure that any frame and mat that you select will look great in the final form.

Using acid free materials and UV protection in the glass selected will also ensure that the artwork will not be damaged or yellow over time.  Make sure that your artwork has acid-free mat on top and acid-free backing behind your artwork.  For that extra special piece, you might also consider using Museum Glass.  This glass is expensive, but it “disappears” when it is placed in the frame.  It ensures that you see your artwork without glare, and it treats your artwork or cherished heirloom like it is a museum piece!

More information on selecting frames can be found at Larson-Juhl’s helpful page.

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