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watercolor of native woman

Mixed media paintings that emerge from the Silence

Image of a tall wooden bowl

Shapes brought forth suited to the unique character of each piece of wood

Image of a carved egg with deer engraving

Discovering what the layers of each egg have to reveal

image of young girl dancing

Bridging the material and spiritual through integration of art and society

Impressionistic painting of McCloud main street

An impressive awareness of what information ought to be left out to keep each painting just detailed enough

painting of river with castle crags in the background

A positive reflection of inner passion for life and everything

A study of color and it's effects through the elegant medium of glass

Painting of a white wolf in a gentle snow by Barbara Banthien

A slow detailed exploration of the subtle things in nature

Clay panel depicting person and hands by CJ June

Clay panels sharing the reverence the ancients had for their natural world

Image of a dreamcatcher made from an antler

Inspired by his love for the Native American flute and the Native American People

Image of a ceramic mug by Jason Laney

Beautiful handcrafted clay cups, plates, and vessels

Image of a heart stone made of green turquoise by Leo Anderson

Vibrant and colorful stones shaped into hearts, designed to be felt or held

Painting of a native american girl in full dress by Lisa Schneider

Behind the masks and the myths lay the Object of my attention

Image of a handcrafted bar of soap resembling a butterfly by Debbie Lewis

Fun handcrafted glycerin soap designs

Painting of a girl and dog sitting on a suitcase facing the open road by Lori Garfield

A reminder to consider our impact on the planet and those who have no voice

native person on quilt by Mary Ellen Parsons

Whimsical, lighthearted, award winning quilts

Woodturner, basket weaver and carver whose work is inspired by his boyhood memories

Impressionistic painting of a river and tree by Alice Nathan.

Talented representational and impressionistic landscape artist

allou guthmiller

Internationally known healer

Shannon Weiler

Celebrating the simple and elegant beauty of the feminine soul

Linda Curtis

Interpretation of the nuances of light and color shifts in nature

Photo of a necklace by Aine Carlisle

Exquisite handcrafted jewelry, made from natural healing gemstones

Arthur Horvath, sculptor

Presenting the natural beauty of stone

Painting of barn with Mt. Shasta in the background by Bill Hamilton

Landscapes and wildlife in watercolor, acrylic, and oil

Full time commitment to photography and photographic services

Painting of a woman with urn by Cherl Yambrach Rose

Empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology

Sketch of an old drinking fountain by John Jenott

Award winning drawings of Northern California's landscape and architecture

Colorful and intimate moments of the natural world

Discovery beyond the limitations of two-dimensional images

Artisan leather work to embrace your wild side

Whimsical designs from natural materials

Whimsical dolls with a life of their own

Stain Glass of woman with pipe by cactus

Culture and experience woven into art

An intuitive painter exploring the depths of color and emotion

Expressive paintings inspired by the beauty of Mount Shasta

Ketzia Schoneberg

Embracing the accidental nature of the artistic process to give art it's own life

A photo of the artist

Mount Shasta's local author and poet

Portrait of Jeff Leland

Photography as a medium to express his story and his perspective

Ceramics made with love and the joy of pottery

Colorful, confident strokes depicting landscape scenes

En plein air oil paintings rendered in the moment

Handmade beeswax candles

display of tonics produced by Clea Richards of Mount Shasta Botanicals

Tonics to improve quality of life

Landscape watercolors with luminous layers

Mixed media narratives celebrating the beauty in imperfection

Paintings rich in numinous color and vibrant light

Lifelike paintings of Western subject matter