Dennis King

I have been an active practitioner and student of the art of painting since I was 18 years old. I’m now 65 years old. I have always been seriously interested in the craft of painting. Likewise, I’m involved in finding out the proper (archival) way to complete a project no matter how many coats of paint, re stretching canvases or using the right primers to insure that the craft comes first.

My personality is such that I can’t be happy doing one style or genre of painting repeatedly. I find it much more exciting to work in many languages concurrently. I have worked with the figure for years both in a realistic manner as well as an abstracted movement oriented style.  Studying trees shape and texture, color and mass, has been an interest of mine since my earliest paintings. A natural outflow of the painting has been sky painting. I have spent many years studying clouds and lighting effects for painting on murals, canvas and watercolors.  Perspective has also been a large part of my studies for many years. Since it is important in showing studies for mural projects in a small scale format, I’ve found it necessary to completely understand the perspective in painting single buildings, groups of buildings with cars and entire city blocks with numerous vanishing points. This is helpful in selling a job as well as having great stabilizing effects in mural and ceiling paintings.

One of the areas of painting I have never gotten tired of is painting portraits. Although portraits rarely sell, I think the practice of portrait painting has been a key element in my ability to grow as an artist even while working for five-six years on a large multi panel mural with a great number of figures.  My over arching drive and spirit has been to grow, try and develop skills in new areas, and not to rely on previous solutions. For this reason I don’t have a “style”. I have a large body of work in which I’m trying to probe outward and decidedly have not gone in a linear straight line style.

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